I love telling stories through painting and I take commissions for portraits regularly throughout the year.  I prefer to work from photographs instead of a live model because the process is lengthy and most models can only sit  for an hour or so without becoming too fatigued. Also, I start my paint day at 5:30AM and who really wants to get up then and meet me in the studio?
To commission a portrait contact me to discuss the project and then send several photos of the subject to be painted. I usually prefer 4-6 photos of each person to be painted so that I can see them from several angles and understand their expressions and get a feel for their personality. A portrait is a process of telling a story and the more photos I have to choose from the better I can tell their story.
I'll take a look at all the pictures and send some proposal sketches to show what I have in mind. Once the choice is made I start the real painting on canvas.
During the process I stay in touch by e-mail and show the progress and the final result. Once the client is satisfied the portrait will be delivered.
Price varies according to the size and content of the painting all these matters are fully discussed and finalized with each project. The payment method is 50% deposit before work begins and the remainder is due upon completion and delivery of the painting.
Email: heather@heatherhodges.com

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