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Creating Art to the Glory of God, Part I

  Some churches are experiencing a renaissance of the arts and are beginning to incorporate live painting, sculpture, spoken word, drama, and other forms of art into their worship services. Some even have art galleries in their buildings. It’s exciting because our tribe is waking up to this as well. I use the word renaissance because we must have a rebirth, a returning to the arts in worship. After the Protestant Reformation we threw the baby out with the bath water and there was a great deal of hostility and skepticism towards religious art. This was especially true for paintings and sculptures; even plain crosses were suspicious because they could be seen as idolatrous. When I was a little girl...

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Be Vulnerable, Be Risky, Be Courageous in Your Creativity!

In childhood we all had the instinct to create and we did it without shame or embarrassment or any restrictions placed on ourselves. Children are amazing little artists, they draw, paint, sing, dance, sculpt, act and create using whatever is available to them. They create with pride and bring it to you to stick on the fridge with a magnet. And they do it over and over until those of us who don’t like to throw anything away have shoeboxes and closets full of our children’s art they made for us. If you go into a preschool classroom and say, “Who in here is an artist?” Every one of them will raise their hands. But somewhere along the way, the...

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