Elijah's Football Portrait: The Process

Here is Elijah's football portrait after 4 days of work.  I still have a few details to add once it's dry enough to touch up and sign, but for the most part its finished. Here is how it progressed from the underpainting.
If you're not used to seeing a work in progress (WIP) then this stage of painting may look bizarre to you. I start with the darkest shadow tones of the skin, then the middle or half-tones and finally the lightest skin tones.  I blend with a mongoose brush and then begin adding the details of the face to capture the likeness.  I must say I agree with John Singer Sargent's famous words, "A portrait is a painting with something wrong with the mouth." Capturing a likeness in a portrait is very difficult and the mouth carries so much expression and helps tell the story of the person being painted.